• SAES (Synthesized Alcohol Ether Sulfate) refers to the synthesis of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate, also known as synthetic alcohol AES.……
    May 09
  • SLMI Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, also known as Sodium Lauroyl Hydroxymethylethanesulfonate in Chinese, is a surfactant. It has high biodegradability, is mild and non-irritating, and is close to the pH value of the human body……
    Apr 24
  • sodium stearate chemical formula is C17H35CO2Na and it is a salt of the fatty acid stearic acid. It is a tertiary carboxylic acid, which is often used as a surfactant in various products, including so……
    Apr 09
  • Surfactant, also called surface-active agent, is a substance, such as a detergent, which, when added to a liquid, reduces the surface tension and thereby improves the spreadability and wettability of a surfactant. In dyeing textiles, surfactants help the dye to permeate the fabri...……
    Jun 13
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