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  • Graphite, also known as multilayer graphene, is made up of layers of carbon atoms, each just one bit thick, and its structure determines its superior properties. When graphite sheets are reduced to only a few layers of graphene, essential features such as the total surface area p...……
    Feb 03
  • Cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells are much cheaper to produce than crystalline silicon and other materials used in solar cell technology. Standard process, low energy consumption, after the end of the life cycle, recyclable, strong and weak light can be generated, the highe...……
    Jan 17
  • The physical properties of the 16 groups of elements in the periodic table change rapidly from top to bottom. Oxygen, of course, is a gas; polonium is a metal, but the ingredients in between, sulfur, selenium, and tellurium, are reliable, with their metallic properties enhanced i...……
    Jan 09
  • Lanthanum stearate is a new type of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermal stabilizer that replaces metal soap salts. The traditional method of synthesizing lanthanum stearate is a metathesis reaction method. The product obtained by this method contains inorganic salt impurities. To di...……
    Dec 24
  • One of the most widely used additives currently in medicine and supplements is magnesium stearate. Such supplements are present in supplements sold on the market. But it is often called another name, such as "vegetable stearate" or "stereo acid", which is almost everywhere.Althou...……
    Dec 17
  • Ceramic materials refer to a class of inorganic non-metal materials made of natural or synthetic compounds through shaping and high-temperature sintering. It has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, and oxidation resistance. It can be used as...……
    Nov 26
  • Graphite can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite. The two structures are similar, and their physical and chemical properties are identical, but their uses are quite different. In many studies, some researchers did not notice the difference between the two and...……
    Nov 25
  • When a plane is driving through the sky with a huge whistling sound, people standing on the ground always have to look up. At the same time as the heartfelt yearning and……
    Nov 06
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