• The market for artificial graphite powder is expected to experience a significant growth during the forecast period. This market is driven by its high purity, low ash content, and superior performance……
    Apr 01
  • Graphite is a semi-metallic mineral composed of carbon in a crystalline structure. It is found in high-grade metamorphic rocks as disseminated crystal flake graphite; in veins or fractures as vein gra……
    Mar 30
  • As industries around the world work to create more powerful lithium-ion batteries, graphite powder plays an increasingly important role. Both natural flake and synthetic graphite have a wide range of……
    Mar 11
  • Artificial graphite powder has been developed using the method of nanopore introduction. Its application is diverse and it is being used in many fields. However, it is mostly used for refractories, ba……
    Feb 14
  • Synthetic graphite is a petroleum-based composite that is used in friction and electrical applications. It has excellent thermal conductivity, good lubricating properties, and high purity. The materia……
    Jan 17
  • Graphite can be divided into two categories: natural graphite and artificial graphite.……
    Jul 13
  • Hollow glass sphere is widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products, syntactic foam, artificial marble, compound wood, sound insulation heat preservation material, atomic ash...……
    Jun 27
  • Graphite can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite. The two structures are similar, and their physical and chemical properties are identical, but their uses are quite different. In many studies, some researchers did not notice the difference between the two and...……
    Nov 25
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