• Copper telluride powder is a blue-black octahedral crystal with a relative density of 7.27 and a melting point of approximately 900 ℃. This substance is insoluble in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid but can dissolve in bromine water. Copper telluride powder is mainly obtained ...……
    Mar 28
  • Potassium silicate is a colorless or slightly yellow solid with high adhesion and fire resistance, widely used in fields such as construction, textiles, papermaking, ceramics, paint, medicine, etc.……
    Jan 10
  • If you're in the market for a new shaving cream, you'll probably want to take a close look at the ingredients list. It's likely you'll see the name potassium stearate, which is also known as potassium……
    Jan 06
  • Potassium stearate is a lubricating compound with a variety of uses, including as an emulsifier and anticaking agent. It is derived from the fatty acid stearic acid, a byproduct of the saponification……
    Dec 25
  • Among the many potassium stearate properties is its use as a cleansing agent and emulsifier in soaps and cosmetics. It is also a good choice for lubricating and waterproofing additives in various indu……
    Dec 13
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