• The crystalline form of bismuth is Bismuth Oxide. It is produced from a variety of sources. Typically, it is produced by extracting lead and copper from ores.Bismuth oxide is used in a number of appli……
    Jan 29
  • Bismuth oxide powder is used for the manufacture of ceramic dielectric capacitors and other electronic ceramic materials. It also serves as an analytic reagent. This material can be found as pellets,……
    Jan 28
  • Bismuth oxide powder is an important reagent for the electronic industry. It is used as an analytic reagent, pigment for enamels, and dielectric ceramic. In addition, it is used for chemical vapor dep……
    Jan 12
  • Bismuth Oxide is yellow, monoclinic crystal powder. It is used in many applications. In electronics, it is an important component for the production of ceramic capacitors and electronic ceramics. It i……
    Dec 17
  • The physical properties of the 16 groups of elements in the periodic table change rapidly from top to bottom. Oxygen, of course, is a gas; polonium is a metal, but the ingredients in between, sulfur, selenium, and tellurium, are reliable, with their metallic properties enhanced i...……
    Jan 09
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