• Silicon nitride powder (Si3N4) is a ceramic material with a hexagonal crystal structure similar to silicon carbide (SiC). Silicon nitride has a high hardness.……
    Jan 03
  • Silicon Nitride Powder is a kind of black gray powder, which has good mechanical properties such as hardness, wear resistance and inherent lubricity. It is often used in bearings, turbine blades, mech……
    Mar 23
  • Silicon nitride powder is a grey powder (Moh's hardness 8.5) which is an important structural ceramic material. It is super-hard, inherently lubricious, and resistant to wear and tear. It is also an a……
    Mar 06
  • Silicon nitride powder is a white, high melting point solid that is chemically inert and thermodynamically stable. It is an important material for a wide range of applications that require excellent r……
    Feb 25
  • Silicon nitride is a structural ceramic material that is extremely hard and has very high thermal and oxidation resistance. It is also very durable, which makes it very suitable for bearing parts. In……
    Feb 03
  • Silicon nitride is a kind of ceramic material with excellent thermal and chemical properties, which has high hardness, stable structure, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.……
    Sep 27
  • Silicon nitride is used as high-grade refractory material, such as SI3N4-SIC refractory combined with sic for blast furnace shaft and other parts……
    Jul 06
  • Si3N4 has two crystal structures: α-Si3N4 is a granular crystal, and β-Si3N4 is a needle-shaped crystal. Both are three-dimensional spatial networks composed of [SN4] tetrahedra sharing vertices, and both belong to the hexagonal crystal system.……
    Jun 02
  • What is the hardest substance worldwide? Every person thinks typically about rubies. But you never believe that porcelains might likewise be the hardest compound in the world. Here we present to you silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4 ceramics), which have high toughness, specificall...……
    Jan 01
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