• 3D-printed alloy spherical cobalt powder is a metal powder material specifically used for 3D printing technology. This powder has a spherical particle shape, which is crucial for the powder flowability and stacking performance during the 3D printing process. Alloy spherical cobal...……
    Mar 27
  • cobalt chromium molybdenum alloys are used in the medical industry for applications such as orthopedic implants. Their popularity has waned due to their limited hardness and tribological properties, l……
    Apr 15
  • cobalt chromium molybdenum is an alloy of metals, which is a so-called super-alloy and is used for high temperature applications. It contains 65%-75% of cobalt, 15%-25% of chromium and 3%-7% of molybd……
    Apr 09
  • cobalt chromium molybdenum is an excellent choice for many surgical implant applications because of its exceptional strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. However, it is often considered a diff……
    Mar 07
  • NiO powder is used in nickel alloys, salts, catalysts, fuel cells and other chemicals as well as ceramic glazes, frits and colorants. Typical impurities include cobalt, copper, iron and sulfur at leve……
    Mar 05
  • printed metal powders are groups of metal particles smaller than 1mm. Including a single metal powder, industrial steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy, and a series of alloys, as well as some refractory compound powders with metallic properties.……
    Feb 24
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