Whats so unique about 3d printing metal powder

Whats so unique about 3d printing metal powder

2023-02-24 21:10:18  Blog

What's 3D printing metal powder? Powder for 3D printing of metal Not only should they have high plasticity, but they also need to meet certain requirements such as small particle sizes, narrow distributions, high fluidity and loose packing density. Metal powders are used to make 3D printers. They include aluminum, stainless steel and cobalt chromium. It is one of the largest and most valuable metal materials in engineering technology. It is commonly used for complex molding and can be found in many industries, including aerospace, auto, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing and others.

Principal uses for metal powder in 3d printing
3D metal powders will be applied to the body. A layer of powder spray on the car can create a stronger insulation effect. Additionally, the outer metal film can protect the body against any damage. 3D printed powders can also be used in military fields such as silicon and aluminum alloy powder. It's lightweight, robust, and durable. Military technology has high requirements, therefore the standards of powders used in military treatment are high. 3D metal powder is mostly used for medical treatment. Many medical instruments are expensive and risky, making it difficult to create high quality forming products. So use 3D print metal powder. This equipment can be used by medical professionals to create custom-made equipment.
How to create a 3D printed metal powder
The physical-chemical and mechanical methods of 3D printing metal powder are the two most common. Physical and chemical preparations include reduction, deposition and electrolysis. Atomization refers to the method by which the metal melt is crushed into small particles. All of the atomization options have their own advantages and are all used successfully in industrial production. The advantages of water or gas atomization include simple equipment and low energy use. The main industrial process for making metal powder is now water atomization. However, electrolysis is also an option. Different metals may be either spongy, powdery, or both depending on the electrolyte's composition, temperature, concentration, and current density. You can follow this by washing, drying or annealing the material. This produces metal powder of very high purity. This method is most commonly used to make high-conductive copper dust.
Prices for powdered metal 3D printing
It is not uncommon for the price to vary depending on how pure 3D printing metal powder purity. In the process of changing, 3d printing material powder's market price is also dynamic. Our company website provides information about the current price of 3d-printed metal powder. We are available to assist you with any question.
Supplier of 3D Printing Metal Powder
Technology Co. Ltd. The, is an international supplier of quality chemical materials and a manufacturer. This company is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of high quality chemical materials and nanotechnology products with more than 12 years experience, such as molybdenum Silicide (nitride powder), graphite powder and sulfide - and it has been in business for over 12 year. We are happy to help you find high-quality 3D printing metal powder that is also cost-effective. Get in touch Ask any question.


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