"Lack of core" is not possible? Understand the operating mechanism and future trends of the semiconductor industry chain in one article!

"Lack of core" is not possible? Understand the operating mechanism and future trends of the semiconductor industry chain in one article!

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Semiconductors, the country's most important tool, are high-tech products with very high technological content. The development of the semiconductor industry not only indicates part of the country's scientific and technological strength but also indicates the top quality of the country's talents. However, semiconductors are not independent components, but are composed of multiple components, and they also benefit many industries.

Semiconductors, semiconductor industry 

The semiconductor industry chain consists of multiple key components, each of which plays an indispensable role in the overall operation.

1. Gas-liquid flow control system: This system is mainly used to accurately control the flow and pressure of gas to ensure stability and accuracy during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

2. Vacuum systems: used to create and maintain a vacuum environment during manufacturing, which is necessary for many semiconductor process steps.

3. Process diagnostic system: This system monitors and diagnoses problems in the manufacturing process in real time to improve production efficiency and product quality.

4. Optical system: In the semiconductor manufacturing process, optical systems are used to accurately measure and monitor the surface morphology, defects, etc., of the wafer to ensure product quality.

5. Power supply and gas reaction system: Provide stable power and gas supply for the manufacturing process to ensure its continuity and stability.

6. Thermal management system: used to control the temperature during the manufacturing process to ensure the thermal stability of the wafer during the manufacturing process.

7. Wafer transfer system: This system moves wafers accurately and quickly during the manufacturing process to improve production efficiency.

8. The semiconductor industry chain also includes other integrated systems and key components, such as precision mechanical components, high-precision sensors, special electronic components, etc. These components play an important role in the operation and maintenance of semiconductor equipment, ensuring the smooth progress of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Semiconductors, semiconductor industry 

Demand from the semiconductor industry comes from multiple industries that utilize semiconductor technology to solve various problems and meet specific needs.

1. Electronics industry: Semiconductors are widely used in the electronics industry, where they are used to manufacture various microprocessors, integrated circuits, transistors, and other electronic components. These components are found in consumer electronics such as cell phones, televisions, and computers, allowing the devices to perform complex calculations and operations.

2. Communications industry: The new generation of communications technology represented by 5G communications technology has a huge demand for semiconductors. Semiconductors are needed in all communications equipment, from copper wires to fiber optic networks. In addition, semiconductors are also widely used in mobile communications, satellite communications, broadband interfaces, digital TV, and other fields, making communications faster, more stable, and more efficient.

3. Automotive industry: Semiconductor technology plays an important role in the automotive industry, especially in intelligent driving systems and battery management systems for electric vehicles. These systems rely on semiconductors for precise control and efficient energy management.

4. Industrial automation field: Semiconductor technology is also widely used in fields such as robotics, production line control systems, and the industrial Internet of Things. It provides high-performance, low-power solutions for these applications, improving the efficiency and reliability of industrial production.

5. Medical equipment: Semiconductors are also widely used in medical equipment, such as medical imaging technology. These technologies rely on semiconductors to enable precise diagnosis and treatment.

Semiconductors, semiconductor industry 

Various components in the semiconductor industry chain meet semiconductor equipment and technical requirements in terms of materials, structures, processes, quality and accuracy, reliability and stability, and have high precision, high cleanliness, super corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. Breakthrough voltage and other characteristics. These characteristics enable these parts to meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing process, ensuring product quality and performance. The demand for use in the semiconductor industry also comes from multiple industries that use semiconductor technology to solve various complex problems, such as computing, communications, control, energy management, etc. With the advancement of technology and the expansion of application fields, the demand for the semiconductor industry will continue to grow.


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