Silicon dioxide powder is widely used, promoting technological innovation in multiple fields

Silicon dioxide powder is widely used, promoting technological innovation in multiple fields

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Silicon Dioxide SiO2 powder refers to silicon dioxide powder. Silicon dioxide is widely present in nature and forms rocks together with other minerals. It is a white powder (completely pure silica) with the chemical formula SiO2, a molar mass of 60.1 g/mol, a density of 2.2, a melting point of 1650 (± 75) ℃, and a boiling point of 2230 ℃. Although silica is non-toxic, long-term inhalation can lead to silicosis.

Silicon Dioxide SiO2 powder 

Silicon Dioxide SiO2 powder

In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, silica powder, as an important inorganic material, has shown broad application prospects in multiple fields such as electronics, chemical industry, and building materials. Its excellent insulation, high wear resistance and anti-aging properties make it an indispensable key raw material in modern industrial production.

In the field of electronic packaging materials, nano silica treated with surface activity is fully dispersed in the organic silicon modified epoxy resin packaging adhesive matrix, greatly reducing the curing time of packaging materials and lowering the curing temperature. The breakthrough in this technology not only improves the sealing performance of the device, but also significantly extends the service life of the device.

Meanwhile, the application of silica powder in resin composite materials has also achieved significant results. The properties of resin based materials can be comprehensively improved by uniformly dispersing nano silica particles into resin materials, including improving strength and elongation, abrasion resistance and anti-aging properties. The application of this technology has injected new vitality into the development of resin composite materials.

In addition, in the coating industry, the addition of silica powder effectively improves the suspension stability, thixotropy, and weather resistance of coatings, greatly enhancing the bonding strength between the coating film and the wall, increasing the hardness of the coating film, and improving the surface self-cleaning ability. This innovation has brought higher product quality and broader market prospects to the paint industry.

It is worth mentioning that the application of silica powder in the semiconductor industry has also received much attention. Due to its excellent insulation performance and chemical stability, silicon oxide is widely used in the preparation of insulation layers, dielectric layers, and optical devices in semiconductor devices. Silicon dioxide plays an irreplaceable role in fields such as photolithography, optical thin films, and sensors.

 Application of silica powder in the semiconductor industry

Application of silica powder in the semiconductor industry

With the continuous growth of global demand for high-performance materials, the silica powder market is also showing a booming trend. According to the latest market report, the annual compound growth rate of the global silica powder market is expected to reach a significant level in the coming years.

The widespread application of silica powder not only promotes the development of related industries, but also provides strong support for technological progress and industrial upgrading. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous optimization of processes, silica powder will demonstrate its unique value and potential in more fields.



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