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Carbide powder

Carbides refer to binary compounds formed by carbon and elements with less electronegativity or similar elements (except hydrogen). Carbides have high melting points. Most carbides are carbon and metal at high temperature. The properties of the elements are divided into metallic carbides and non-metallic carbides

Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd supply high quality and superfine carbide powders, such as boron carbide B4C powder, zirconium carbide ZrC powder, hafnium carbide HfC powder, molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder, silicon carbide SiC powder, tantalum carbide TaC powder, titanium carbide TiC powder, tungsten carbide WC powder, niobium carbide NbC powder, etc. Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.

Payment Term:

Western Union, T/T, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment Term:

By international express, by courier, by air, by sea, or as customers request.

Storage conditions:

1) Should be store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Should be avoid damp and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner package bag.

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