• ​Zirconium nitride compounds have a variety of crystal structures, such as ZrN, o-Zr₃N₄, c-Zr₃N₄, etc. ……
    May 22
  • Zirconium diboride powder has an extremely high melting point, strength, hardness and conductivity (and positive conductivity coefficient), and low thermal expansion coefficient, besides, also has excellent chemical stability, trapping concentrator, smold……
    Feb 17
  • Zirconium hydride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of ZrH 2, which is mainly used as a high-purity analytical reagent, hydrogenation catalyst, strong reducing agent, and hydrogenation agent, and can also be used as a non-smoking ignition……
    Feb 15
  • Zirconium carbide powder is a kind of hard refractory ceramic material, with high-temperature oxidation resistance, high strength, hardness, and excellent thermal conductivity. It has good application……
    Feb 03
  • Zirconium carbide powder is an important high-temperature structural material. It is a gray metallic transition-metal powder, characterized by high hardness and good thermal resistance. In addition, i……
    Jan 18
  • Zirconia is a crystalline oxide of zirconium that is white in color. It is sometimes referred to as zirconium dioxide.……
    Nov 24
  • Zirconium boride has the properties of low density, high melting point, high hardness, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good thermal conductivity, excellent electrical conductivity, excellent ablative resistance, and oxidation resistance.……
    Oct 24
  • Zirconia ZrO2 is the crystalline oxide of zirconium.……
    Oct 08
  • Zirconia is the main oxide of zirconium, usually white odorless and tasteless crystal, insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid.……
    Sep 30
  • Zirconium boride includes zirconium monobboride, zirconium diboride, and zirconium lauraboride.……
    Jul 12
  • Zirconium nitride (ZrN) is an inorganic compound. Golden crystal powder. The density is 7.09. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in inorganic acids, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and aqua regia.……
    Jul 11
  • Zirconium diboride is a hexagonal crystal form, and its metalloid structure determines that zirconium diboride has good conductivity and mobility……
    May 31
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