• Product DescriptionWS2-E is a lubricant with a very high concentration of Tungsten nano-particles, Esters and Boron. Especially formulated to improve the extreme pressure (EP), anti-friction and……
    Mar 12
  • Known for its excellent thermal shock resistance, titanium aluminium carbide powder also has a high mechanical modulus and conductivity. It is used as a precursor for MXenes and nanomaterials. It is u……
    Dec 12
  • Nanomaterials are widely used in cosmetics because of their unique optical, thermal and electromagnetic properties.……
    Sep 09
  • Nano thermal insulation coating can be used to absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight and is often used in current decoration buildings.……
    Sep 08
  • Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal, which consists of carbon atoms with sp2 hybrid orbitals to form two-dimensional carbon nanomaterials with hexagonal honeycomb lattice.……
    Sep 01
  • Nanomaterials are used in many industries, from health care and cosmetics to environmental protection and air purification.……
    Aug 29
  • With the development of nanotechnology, tungsten disulfide nanomaterials (WS2NM) have become a new choice for optical biosensors.……
    Aug 17
  • Graphite, also known as multilayer graphene, is made up of layers of carbon atoms, each just one bit thick, and its structure determines its superior properties. When graphite sheets are reduced to only a few layers of graphene, essential features such as the total surface area p...……
    Feb 03
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