• "Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder" usually refers to pre-alloyed iron copper FeCu powder. This powder is made by mixing iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) elements in a specific proportion, and after evenly mixing in the molten state, it is prepared by a process such as cooli...……
    May 13
  • Copper oxide powder is an inorganic chemical raw material that belongs to the category of metal oxides.……
    May 08
  • Pre-alloyed iron copper FeCu powder is a special metal powder made by pre-alloying iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) through a specific process. This powder has a wide range of applications in metallurgy, materials science, and engineering.Pre-alloying is a technique of alloying two or m...……
    Apr 08
  • Copper telluride powder is a blue-black octahedral crystal with a relative density of 7.27 and a melting point of approximately 900 ℃. This substance is insoluble in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid but can dissolve in bromine water. Copper telluride powder is mainly obtained ...……
    Mar 28
  • Telluride Copper CuTe powder is a compound powder composed of copper and tellurium elements. The appearance is powdery, and the specific color varies depending on the preparation method and purity. The density of copper telluride powder is related to its crystal structure and pur...……
    Mar 19
  • Copper oxide is a standard copper oxide with a wide range of applications. It is a semiconductor material that can manufacture electronic devices and batteries.……
    Dec 06
  • NiO powder is used in nickel alloys, salts, catalysts, fuel cells and other chemicals as well as ceramic glazes, frits and colorants. Typical impurities include cobalt, copper, iron and sulfur at leve……
    Mar 05
  • Cuprous oxide is an oxide of copper, a bright red powdered solid almost insoluble in water, can be disproportionated to copper bivalent and copper elements in acidic solutions and can be gradually oxidized to black copper oxide in wet air.……
    Feb 15
  • The crystalline form of bismuth is Bismuth Oxide. It is produced from a variety of sources. Typically, it is produced by extracting lead and copper from ores.Bismuth oxide is used in a number of appli……
    Jan 29
  • Monel alloy is a kind of nickel-copper alloy.……
    Jul 19
  • Copper is the earliest discovered chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Cu, atomic number is 29, and atomic weight is 63.546 U.……
    Jun 08
  • Nano metals have poor stability due to the introduction of a large number of grain boundaries. Generally speaking, the growth temperature of nanocrystalline grains is much lower than the recrystallization temperature of coarse crystals, and some nanocrystalline pure metals grow u...……
    May 18
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