Is Molybdenum Disulfide Safe?

Is Molybdenum Disulfide Safe?

2022-11-04 10:44:35  News

Molybdenum disulfide is a mineral with many uses. It is a lubricant with excellent friction properties. It is a natural mineral, which is mined from geothermal deposits. The disulfide form is often mistaken for graphite. Molybdenum diulfide is most often dissolved in lubricating oil.

Molybdenum disulfide is a solid that is formed by the sandwiching of two layers of sulfur. The sulfur atoms are what bind molybdenum disulfide to metal surfaces. This prevents asperities from coming into contact. Because the sulfur atoms' outer layers have weak interactions, surfaces glide smoothly one to another.

DICKINSON, ANII PAULIIYG 17 determined the crystal structure of MoSa. This compound has two layers of sulfur and molybdenum atoms. The one lamina with more sulfur and molybdenum molecules is closer than the other.

MoS2 can be used in many areas of electronics and energy. Because of its unique properties, MoS2 is a great substitute for graphene or other semiconductor devices. It can also be used to make a variety of secondary amines by reductive amination. Other uses of MoS2 include spintronics and magnetoresistance.

MO& reacts very slowly with sulfur dioxide. It is possible to make molybdenum oxides even in dry conditions. These oxides contain elemental sulfur, and are principal products of molybdenum oxidation. The reaction process between Mo& and sulfur dioxide produces MoOz, a traceable form that is visible on particle surfaces.

Both nitrogen and hydrogen atmospheres are used to study the stability of MO&. Studies have shown that the absence of condensable vapor significantly reduces the coefficient of friction. Other studies have also shown this effect. HALTNER AND OILER showed that nitrogen atmospheres containing water vapor had a higher friction coefficient. They also found that the presence of n-heptane and toluene in a nitrogen atmosphere had the same effect.

Moreover, the film density of MO& is also increased by water vapor. Interestingly, MO& film density varies with relative humidity and surface roughness. Changing the relative humidity increases the film density by a factor seven or eight. The number of strokes performed and the weight of the burnisher can also influence this effect.


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