The Uses of High-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres

The Uses of High-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres

2022-07-19 11:10:45  News

What are high performance hollow glass beads

High-performance hollow glass microspheres are hollow spherical powder-like ultra-light inorganic non-metallic materials with light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength and good mobility. Under a high-magnification electron microscope, the high-performance hollow glass microbeads look like crystal clear hollow glass spheres. It is precisely because of this unique structure at a very small scale that hollow glass microspheres have become a new type of lightweight material with widespread use and excellent performance developed in recent years.

Application of High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres

1. The soda-lime borosilicate composition of glass microbeads makes it chemically stable and inert, thus giving it safety as a filler or as an additive without worrying about it reacting with the substrate or other substances, and making it Resistant to other chemical corrosion except strong alkali.

2. The perfect spherical shape gives it excellent anisotropy, so that there will be no warpage and shrinkage due to non-uniform stress after processing.

3. Hollow glass microspheres are tiny spheres. In liquid, like miniature ball bearings, they have better mobility than flake, needle or irregular shaped fillers. The resulting microsphere effect makes the The viscosity of the mixture decreases, and the filling performance is naturally excellent; the good processing performance can improve the production efficiency by 10% to 20%.

4. The perfect spherical shape makes it have the smallest specific surface area, so its oil absorption is low. Compared with the conventional filling material calcium carbonate, the oil absorption rate of hollow glass microspheres is much lower, and the oil absorption rate of different types of products per 100 grams Between 7 and 40 mg, and the oil absorption rate per 100 grams of light calcium carbonate is as high as 120 to 130 mg, and the heavy calcium carbonate is also as high as 50 to 60 mg. The amount of resin is reduced, and at the same time, because it can increase the activity of the resin, the resin is only used as a base material instead of a filler to stop processing, thereby reducing the amount of resin.

5. Due to the dispersion of the particle size of the glass microspheres, the small microspheres fill the voids of the large microspheres, thereby increasing the solid content and reducing the VOC.

6. The color is white, so it has good color compatibility.

7. Very low true density and strong compressive strength, resulting in a high compressive strength-to-density ratio, which makes it suitable for some applications requiring high compressive strength, such as extrusion, compression molding or In the petroleum industry, it can not only play the role of fillers or additives to reduce density, but also make it have good survival rate and stability during processing.

8. The particle size is small, and it will not reduce its toughness when it is mixed with resin for processing. In the drilling fluid, the passing rate of 200-mesh sieve cloth is 99.8%, and the passing rate of 300-mesh sieve cloth is 88.5%. job request.

9. The inside of the hollow glass microspheres is a thin vacuum gas. The density and thermal conductivity of the two different materials are different, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation and low thermal conductivity. It is an excellent choice for various thermal insulation and sound insulation products. filler. The insulating properties of the microspheres can also be used to protect the product from thermal shock caused by alternating between rapid heating and quenching conditions.

10. The closed void ratio is very high, and the spherical shape is tight and complete, and it is insoluble in water, so that its application in water is also very stable. It is insoluble in water, and its applications in water such as yachts, racing boats and the like are also extremely stable.


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