What is Waterglass?

What is Waterglass?

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What is Waterglass?

The water glass commonly used in construction is the aqueous solution of sodium silicate (Na2O·nSiO2). Molecular weight: 122.054.

Sodium silicate is a kind of inorganic substance. It is made of silica (quartz sand), soda ash (or earth alkali) co-melted in a melting kiln and cooled and crushed.


The mole ratio of SiO2 to Na2O determines the modulus n of sodium silicate. The modulus shows the composition of sodium silicate, which is an important parameter of sodium silicate, generally between 1.5 and 3.5. The larger n is, the more difficult it is for solid sodium silicate to dissolve in water, when n is 1, hot water is needed to dissolve, when n is larger, hot water is needed to dissolve, and when n is more than 3, steam at more than 4 atmospheric pressure is needed to dissolve. The larger the n is, the more the content of silicon oxide is, the viscosity of sodium silicate increases, it is easy to decompose and harden, and the adhesion increases, so the sodium silicate with different modulus has different uses. Widely used in fine chemicals, coatings, construction, general casting, precision casting, papermaking, ceramics, clay, mineral processing, kaolin, washing and many other fields.


What is Sodium Silicate Used For?

Used in chemical systems to make silica aerogels, silicon compounds, silica sols.


It is not only an indispensable raw material for detergents such as washing powder and soap in light industry, but also a water softener and sedimentation aid; it is used for dyeing, bleaching and sizing in textile industry.


It is widely used in casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives in machinery industry, and in construction industry, it is used in subway, tunnel, electric power, bridge, manufacturing quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory and so on.


Silicon fertilizer can be made in agriculture; in addition, it can be used as silicon-aluminum catalyst for petroleum catalytic cracking, soap filler, paper deinking and bleaching, corrugated paper adhesives, metal preservatives, water softeners, detergent auxiliaries, refractories and ceramic raw materials, textile bleaching, dyeing and size.


Used for waterproofing, leakage plugging, wood fire prevention, food anticorrosion and adhesive.


Waterglass used in Construction:

Alkali in water glass can stimulate the hardening and non-shrinkage of mortar prepared with slag, which can be used to repair the crack of brick wall, and can also be prepared into alkali slag cement.


Water glass with appropriate amount of sodium fluorosilicate and heat-resistant powder and orthopaedics can be prepared into mortar or concrete, using water glass as cementitious material, sodium fluorosilicate as coagulant, heat-resistant or acid-resistant coarse and fine orthopaedic materials according to a certain proportion. The limit temperature of water glass heat-resistant concrete is below 1200 degrees Celsius.


Where cannot Waterglass be Used?

Water glass cannot brush and impregnate gypsum products, because sodium silicate will react with calcium sulfate to produce sodium sulfate, which crystallizes in the gaps of the products, resulting in significant volume expansion, resulting in the destruction of the products.


Sodium Silicate Powder Price

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