What are 3D Printing Metal Powders?

What are 3D Printing Metal Powders?

2022-11-01 14:33:12  News

What is 3D printing?

It also needs to meet requirements for fine powder size and distribution. High bulk density, sphericity and fluidity are required. The most common metal powders for 3D printers are stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt–chromium alloys. Copper alloys. Titan alloys. Nickel alloys. Engineering Iron-based alloys are the most widely used metal materials in technology. They are used primarily for the formation of complex structures and are used extensively in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries.

What are the main types 3D printing metal powders available?

Powder of nickel alloy

Nickel alloy is suitable for high temperatures and high pressure due to its oxidation resistance as well as corrosion resistance. To protect the alloy's interior from corrosion, the nickel alloy will form a thick, stable oxide layer on its surface. The alloy's mechanical properties can be maintained at a wide temperature range.

Cobalt-chromium alloy powder

Cobalt-chromium powder for metal 3D printing has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used in dentistry and many other applications.

Copper alloy powder

Copper with high thermal and electrical conductivity can be combined with design freedom for complex internal structures or conformal cooling channels.


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