What is Inconel Powder?

What is Inconel Powder?

2022-11-03 11:11:41  News

INCONEL powder is a high-performance, ductile metal suitable for 3D printing. It can be used in a variety of metal 3D printers, including those from Renishaw, EOS, ConceptLaser, SLM, and 3Dsystems. The package is usually in an aluminum foil vacuum bag, which is inert gas-filled. These packages can be used for air freight.

Inconel, a nickel-chromium alloy, is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Because of its low thermolinear expansion, it is a great choice for hot section gas turbines. Additionally, it has excellent creep resistance, a quality that helps it resist plastic deformation below its yield strength.

To assess the impact of oxygen on Inconel powder properties, we first determined the oxygen content. Oxygen increases the risk of fatigue crack growth, so it is important to avoid a high oxygen content in Inconel powder. Powder with a high level of oxygen (400 ppm) is produced by the LPBF process.

Another method of producing Inconel powder is by using a plasma rotating electrode method. This method allows for high purity and sphericity. This process also minimizes satellite and hollow powder formation. The technique also increases raw material recovery, which is important in metal powder manufacturing. The use of mixed inert protection gases also reduces the oxygen level of the powder, which increases its solidification rate.

Because of its remarkable resistance to sodium chloride, Inconel can be found in many marine applications. It is used to make propeller blades and undersea pipes, as well as in offshore drilling wells. It is remarkably corrosion and temperature-resistant, and it also retains its oxidation resistance better than other alloys.

Inconel powder is also used in 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes. It can be used to fabricate various mechanical parts, such as liquid-fueled rockets. It can also be used in powder metalurgisty and laser additive manufacturing technologies. It can be used in different metal 3D printers.

A study was also done to see how Inconel 718 powder reacts to repeated processing. The Inconel powder can be classified into four different states: virgin powder; used powder (after 20 LPBF cycle), overflow powder and scatter powder (after twenty cycles). All of the powders were examined for their morphology, flowability, and physico-chemical properties.

Inconel powder was analyzed using a spectroscopy microscope and an EDS detector. The measurements of the alloying elements were found to be higher than the manufacturer's declarations, but within acceptable limits of ASTM B637 chemical composition standards. The differences between the measured and declared content of each element were likely due to random differences in the composition of the powder. The powder's subsequent use increased the level of impurities such as oxygen. However, the differences in the measured and declared contents were not significant.

The price of Inconel powder is approximately the same as milled Inconel, and the process is material-efficient. It allows users to optimize the internal structure of their part while reducing the amount of Inconel used. There are many alloys that contain Inconel powder, but the most popular ones are 625 or 718. As demand grows, however, there will be more alloys.


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