Chemical Name For Ca3N2

Chemical Name For Ca3N2

2022-12-23 20:20:03  News

Calcium nitride is a chemical compound. It is also an ionic substance. The Ca3N2 powder you purchase should be kept in a cool, dry environment. Avoid using the powder in open flames or sparks. If you are transporting the powder as cargo, do not be fooled by its flammable qualities.

Aside from its obvious uses as a chemical reagent, it is also a useful ingredient in making other substances such as glass, cement, paper, and plastic. For instance, calcium nitride is used in a variety of metathesis reactions. In addition, it serves as a reducing agent.

It is no secret that calcium nitride is an essential hydrogen storage material. Moreover, it is a valuable source of reactive nitride ions that can be used to make many chemical and optical materials.

Among the various isomorphous forms of calcium nitride, the a-calcium nitride is the most common and widely used. However, there are many more isomorphous forms of this substance. As its name suggests, it has a plethora of polynitrogen forms, ranging from small molecules to extended chains. These polynuclear nitrides have a lot of potential as high-energy density materials.

On a more technical note, the a-calcium nitride's ionic chemistry is surprisingly complex. To make the compound, fibrous metallic calcium is heated to 450 degrees F in a purified nitrogen stream. After a few hours, it is nitrided.

One thing to note is that the a-calcium nitride ionic chemistry is not the same as that of other calcium nitride derivatives. This is because the a-calcium nitride's isomorphous form differs from other calcium nitride compounds, such as g-calcium nitride.

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