Chinas First Preparation of Ultra-high Purity Rare Earth Modified Alumina

Chinas First Preparation of Ultra-high Purity Rare Earth Modified Alumina

2023-02-24 16:50:11  News

What does alumina mean?
The chemical formula for Alumina is Al2O3. Alumina, chemical formula Al2O3.

Alumina for industrial use is made from bauxite, Al2O3*3H2O and diaspore. Chemical methods are used to prepare high-purity Al2O3. Al2O3 comes in many forms. Each structure exhibits different properties and almost all of them can be transformed into a-Al2O3 by heating to at least 1300°C.

Modified alumina with extremely high purity rare Earth:

Officially put in operation the pilot project of rare Earth modified high purity sapphire materials independently developed and researched and developed at Shanghai Jiaotong University's School of Materials Science and Engineering. This production line was the first to produce 5N, high purity products of alumina (purity greater then 99.999%). This is high-end aluminum product and main source of artificial sapphire. New project fills the gap left by the International Rare Earth High-Purity Aluminum Preparation Technology. The line will be completed with the highpurity aluminum industrial chain as well as the artificial sapphire industry chain.

R&D now has China's very first high-purity aluminum purification equipment and process. Zhang Wei, Professor, is the leader of the group. The new technology perfectly integrates high-purity, alumina purification processes with the rare earth, new material preparation technology. This product shows a significant improvement in its toughness as well as color brightness and hardness. The ability to make 6N and 5N ultrahigh-purity ingots of aluminum has been greatly improved. It also makes it possible to mass-produce ultrahigh purity alumina materials in China.
The main raw material to make sapphire single chip LED substrates is high-purity, aluminum hydrolysis (purity greater than 5N). Around 90% of the world's LED businesses use sapphire to make their substrate material. Additionally, high purity alumina can be used to make semiconductor ceramics as well, such as lithium battery separators, high-end catalysts, phosphors, and catalysts.

Pan Tianlong was the general manager for Saifuer New Materials Co. Ltd. and stated: "This product is not currently available. These ingots are made from ultra-pure aluminum. Our downstream is the aluminum industry. Chain is the downstream industrial chain made up of artificial sapphire crystallines. For the first time, this new product allows for seamless connections between the two industrial chains. The next step is to gradually bring products onto mobile phone screens and cameras lenses, as well as ceramic targets. Many other applications in production."

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