Do you really know silicon Nanoparticles

Do you really know silicon Nanoparticles

2023-02-17 02:40:10  News

What exactly are silicon nanoparticles (or silica particles)?

Silicon nanoparticles is a term that refers to tiny crystalline silicon particles with a diameter less than 5 Nanometers. Silicon nanoparticles powder is high in purity and has small particles. It also exhibits even distribution. The advantages include a high surface area, high density, nontoxic, tasteless, and excellent activity.

There are two main uses for nanometer silicon: It can react with organic matter, and it can also be used to create organic silicon polymer material. Nano carbon powder and graphite can also be used as lithium batteries' material.

Application of silicon nanoparticles

This nano silicon composite potassium fireproof glass is highly transparent and rigid and can also be used as a glass composite.

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