Inconel Properties and Applications

Inconel Properties and Applications

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Inconel has a variety of properties, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and can withstand high temperatures, so it is an ideal material for extreme environments. Due to solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening, Cr-Ni-Fe alloy has high temperature strength. This material also has pressure resistance and is very suitable for extreme applications.


What is Inconel Used in?

Aerospace and jet engines

Nickel alloy is a natural substitute in aerospace industry. In particular, engine parts will be exposed to high temperature and high pressure. The material must be able to withstand this environment and maintain its strength and integrity. Nickel alloys provide creep resistance under high stress conditions, low expansion and corrosion resistance at these high temperatures.

For example, Inconel 600 are used in jet engines and fuselage components such as exhaust linings, locks and turbine seals. Inconel 601 is widely used in a variety of aerospace technologies because of its ability to withstand pressure, and it is very easy to use.


Oil and gas exploitation

Oil and natural gas exploitation is one of the main industrial applications of Cr-Ni-Fe alloy. Due to the high temperature and the flammable and corrosive raw materials being processed or stored, the design engineer evaluates many factors for the design engineer to choose from when selecting the material.


Inconel 625 can meet the requirements for the separation of extracted fluids in a processing system manufactured by LNG. Inconel 625 has excellent fatigue and thermal fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, high creep, tensile and fracture strength and excellent solderability. It is usually used to lining steel transmission pipes in acid gas and gas extraction equipment.


Pollution control and waste disposal

It is difficult to work in environments such as pollution control and waste disposal, so alloys used in waste treatment systems must have excellent resistance to reductive acid solutions and oxidation, as well as resistance to high temperatures involved in the operation, without losing structural integrity or strength.

Inconel C-276 can accomplish the task. It has excellent corrosion resistance in these environments. The large amount of molybdenum (15-17%) in this alloy makes it resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. Its low carbon content can minimize the precipitation of carbide in the welding process to ensure its corrosion resistance in the welding structure.



Car engines generate a lot of heat and need to be reliable and lighter. There is also a need to save fuel and control pollution levels.

Inconel 625 can be used in this field because it is one of the most versatile materials. Inconel 625 are usually used as exhaust pipe connectors for high-performance cars and supercars. Chromium-nickel-iron alloys are also used in sensors, safety devices, ignition systems and electrical switchgear.


Marine industry

Inconel alloys are used in many seawater applications. On offshore platforms, or in power and processing plants that use seawater as a coolant. Seawater systems are highly corrosive in nature, so it is necessary to use materials that do not degrade under these conditions.


Inconel alloy performs well in this extreme case. For example, Inconel 625 are used for sheathing propeller blades, propulsion motors, wire ropes and submarine communication cables. Other uses of the Inconel alloy series include platform risers, hangers, downhole equipment and high-strength fasteners.


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