The Effects of WS2 As an Oil Additive

The Effects of WS2 As an Oil Additive

2023-01-21 18:50:02  News

WS2 is a lubricant additive that reduces friction and wear in engine oil. Moreover, it improves engine compression. It is a harmless additive, but if used too much, it can increase fuel consumption and cause a loss of engine performance.

WS2 is produced from Tungsten Di-sulfide. The nanoparticles have a tribofilm that smoothes out uneven engine parts and reduces friction. Although tungsten disulphide was used for high-end applications in the past, it has become more affordable and is now used in various types of engines.

WS2 particles have excellent adsorption and dispersant properties. They also have shock absorbing properties. Thus, they can be used in mining and heavy duty axle oils. This research was conducted to analyze the effects of different forms of WS2 on the anti-wear and anti-friction properties of lubricating oil.

Two types of WS2 were studied in this experiment: flaky and lamellar. Lamellar WS2 is a layered structure with a thickness of 2 mm. A layer of WS2 is dispersed in the lubricating oil, and the particles partially deposit on the friction pair.

The morphology of wear scars on the surface of friction pairs was investigated. The friction process was carried out under various sliding speeds, load, and mechanisms. In addition, the wear rate and anti-wear capacity were analyzed.

The wear-scar test was performed at the FZG load stage, at a speed of 1,450 revolutions per minute. The test results show that the wear-scar performance of the sample oil #2 did not change significantly within the same load range.


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