What is the function of titanium nitride coating

What is the function of titanium nitride coating

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What is Titanium Nitride? Generally, TiN powder TiN crystals are golden yellow, ultrafine TiN powder turns yellowish brown and the melting point of TiN is 2950. TiN's melting point is 2950. The density is 5.4-5.44g/cm3, and Mohs hardness 8-9. Thermal shock resistance is excellent. TiN has a melting point that is more than many transition metal nitrides. However, its density is much lower than those of most metal nutrides. TiN is therefore a heat-resistant metal. TiN has a crystal structure similar to TiC but the C atom in TiN is now replaced by an N atom.

The typical NaCl type structure of titanium nitride is TiN. This cubic lattice has a face-centred cubic setup. TiN can have a change in its nitrogen composition, but not cause a change to the TiN structure.

Titanium nitride applications
Titanium nitride or (TiN), is a stable compound. It does not react well with iron, magnesium, calcium, iron and chromium at high temperature. The TiN Crucible also does not react to alkaline slag, acid slag, CO, and N2 atmosphere. TiN crucible provides a great container to examine the interplay between molten metal and certain elements. TiN heated in a vacuum causes nitrogen to evaporate, and titanium Nitride with a low content of nitrogen is formed.
TiN, a structural metal with golden yellow color, high melting point and high hardness is suitable for superconducting material and high-temperature structural materials.

Titanium Nitride powder manufacturing method
1.Microwave Carbothermal Reduction is an oxidation/reduction reaction using inorganic Carbon as a reducing agent at very high temperatures. To prepare titanium nitride, Liu Bingham used this technique along with others from China. To make titanium nitride, the specific procedure is to use titanium oxide as a raw material and heat carbon using a microwave up until it reaches 1200. The reduction reaction must be kept at this temperature for approximately 1 hour. The purity of titanium powder made by this method is better than those prepared using the standard method.

2. The chemical vapour-deposition process uses TiCl4 (gaseous TiCl4) as a raw material. H2 is used as a reducing agent and reacts with N2 in order to create TiN. Synthesis temperature is 1100 1500 It is used often to apply coatings to ceramics and metal surfaces in order increase their hardness and resistance against wear. Synthesized TiN can be high-purity, low in production efficiency, and is expensive. This method is used to apply TiN film to the surfaces of metal, ceramic and other objects.

3. TiO_ 2 is a carbothermal reduction and nitridation process that uses TiO_ 2 as its raw material. Carbonaceous graphite acts as a reducer, while N2 reacts to produce TiN. The temperature of the synthesis is 13801800 and the reaction takes approximately 15h. Carbon reacts with oxygen in this environment and forms TiC. This is because the lattices for titanium carbide (titanium nitride) and titanium oxide (titanium oxide) are extremely close and it's easy to combine them to make a solid solution. The purity of TiN obtained using this technique is low, while the O- and C content is high. To obtain TiN with low O/C, a higher reaction temperature is required and a longer reaction time. Experts also use another technique to produce titanium nitride. They mix magnesium powder and titanium dioxide at low temperatures.

Titanium nitride powder price
Titanium powder purity and particle size will influence the product's cost. Also, the volume of purchase can have an effect on its price. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. Our company website has the price information for Titanium nitride granules.

Provider of Titanium Nitride Powder
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