Cool 3D printing takes you through different technologies

Cool 3D printing takes you through different technologies

2023-02-24 16:40:38  Blog

Powder printing with nylon SLS Nylon sintering can be described as selective laser-sintering. The laying roller will lay a layer containing dense and uniform powder over the part to create a new cross section.
Material: nylon, fiber and nylon

3-D SLM Metal Printing
The selective laser sintering method for metal sintering involves the use of spread powder sticks to tile a layer metal powder materials on the surface. Next, the control system adjusts the laser beam to match the contour scan of metal sections on the ground. Finally, the laying roller applies a uniform layer of dense and dense metal powder onto the model to continue sintering new sections until it is complete.
Materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel die steel, titanium alloy, etc

SLA laser photocuring flow
A resin tank should contain liquid photosensitive epoxy. The liquid resin will quickly solidify under an ultraviolet laser beam. Under the guidance of the computer focus the laser beam on the liquid surface. The resin sheet from the section contour is obtained by scanning the table with the scanner. After the resin has fully cured, the newly formed layer can be bonded to it.
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