The Next Profit Margin in The Alumina Industry-Red Mud

The Next Profit Margin in The Alumina Industry-Red Mud

2023-02-24 16:30:14  Blog

In the absence of any emerging nations to compensate for China's decline in aluminum consumption, China has been steadily deepening its electrolytic aluminum supply-side reform.
Given that the production of alumina is unchanged for many decades, the only thing expected to bring in the next profits is the widespread utilization of red mud.

First, a brief description of red-mud

One ton of aluminum produced 1.5 tons red mud. Each particle had a diameter of about 0.088-22.5 mm. A specific gravity ranged from 2.7-2.9 to 2.8-2.9. Bulk density was 0.8-1.0 and a melting temperature of 1200-1250°C. Here is the table that shows how red mud looks like.

Nowadays, the Bayer process is used for the majority of alumina that China produces. Bayer methods are known for their high iron, alkali and aluminum content.

A second example is that of the typical alumina company involved in extensive red mud utilization

1. Chinalco Shandong Branch. The data shows that China's comprehensive utilization rate for red mud stands at 25%, and that China's total consumption of red powder is 12,000,000. This is China’s highest utilization rate. Henan's Aluminum Industry Transformation & Development Action Plan 2018-2020 clearly states that red mud utilization will be 10% by 2020. It is impossible to see the harm in a comparison. China's red clay mud has a very low utilization rate. Use of mountain aluminum redmud includes preparation of new coal burning desulfurizer technology and high-grade concrete, highway subgrade, brick-making, water purifying agent, and other related activities.

2. Weiqiao Group - In 2018, more than 20,000 tons red mud were used along the Binzhou section Jiqing Expressway's roadbed. An expressway can use 200,000 tons per kilometer, while provincial highways consume about 60,000 tons and municipal roads consume around 20,000 tonnes. China has a large highway network, so the market prospects are great.

Dritte, the classic case of social force in the complete utilization of red mud

Shandong Satellite TV broadcast a report about Zibo Tianzhirun Ecological Technology Co. Ltd. that uses large amounts red mud to create permeable blocks (70,000 tonnes per year). This company's red-mud permeable block project, which has a 95% red mud blend rate, was chosen as one of the best ten innovations in Shandong Province's circular economy. After Zui and the 2 remaining houses, which were also studied, Zui was the boss of this company, who invested over 30 million. However, it was successful to understand that this is an international problem.

This is not just because of the fact Inner Mongolian companies have spent billions trying to make a breakthrough in the production of fly ash alumina.

Fourth, red mud extensive utilization recommendations

For roadbeds, cement and permeable brick production, red mud is more commonly used than ever. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks. While cement technology is well-established, the cement plant is not far away and there is an enormous roadbed demand. For economically advanced areas, however, there is a limited future demand and permeable bricks production could be promoted nationally. A disadvantage of permeable bricks is their limited sales radius, which is approximately 800 km.

China's comprehensive utilization rate is generally very low. While our utilization rate does not compare to other countries', it is still very low. This is the age of self-transcendence in China's alumina sector. We now have full access to red mud. It will change the company’s place in the global alumina market.

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