The Application of Scandium Oxide in the Field of Ceramics

The Application of Scandium Oxide in the Field of Ceramics

2024-01-18 15:22:42  Blog

This element has many applications, especially in ceramics, glass, electronics, and aerospace. 

The chemical properties of scandium oxide

Scandium oxide is a white solid powder with high melting and boiling points. It is stable at room temperature and is not easily reactive with oxygen in the air. Regarding chemical properties, scandium oxide has strong oxidizing and acidic properties and can react with many elements and compounds. In addition, scandium oxide can also form various complexes, which play important roles in many chemical reactions.

Preparation method of scandium oxide

There are two main methods for preparing scandium oxide: the aluminum thermal reduction method and the carbon thermal reduction method. The aluminum thermal reduction method uses aluminum as a reducing agent, mixes scandium dioxide with aluminum powder, heats it to a high temperature, and reduces scandium dioxide to scandium oxide through the thermal reduction effect of aluminum. The C thermal reduction way uses carbon as a reducing agent, mix scandium oxide with carbon and heats it to high temperature. Through the thermal reduction effect of carbon, scandium dioxide is reduced to scandium oxide. Both methods can achieve high yields and purity.


The application of scandium oxide

Scandium oxide has broad application value, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Application in the field of ceramics: Scandium oxide used as  prepare high-performance ceramic materials, such as high alumina ceramics containing scandium oxide and silicon nitride ceramics containing scandium oxide. These ceramic materials have excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability, and high-temperature performance and are widely used in aerospace, energy, and chemical engineering fields.

Used in the glass field: These glasses have excellent optical and fluorescence properties and are widely used in optical instruments, displays, lighting and other fields.

Electronic materials: Scandium oxide is widely used in preparing electronic materials due to its excellent electrical properties. It can be an insulation layer for electronic devices, improving their insulation performance and stability. In addition, scandium oxide can also be used to prepare electronic ceramic materials, such as capacitors and sensors, to improve their performance and stability.

Laser and TV electron gun: Scandium oxide can also be used to manufacture variable wavelength solid-state lasers and TV electron guns.


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