Calcium Stearate Emulsion

Calcium Stearate Emulsion

2023-01-11 12:30:03  News

A Calcium Stearate Emulsion is a type of water-based emulsion which is widely used in industrial processes. This type of emulsion can be used to improve the sandability, defoaming, and transparency of different materials. The emulsion is also a good choice for improving the surface hydrophobicity of various textile products.

Calcium stearate is a non-irritating carboxylate of calcium which is produced through the reaction of stearic acid with calcium oxide. It is soluble in hot water, toluene, ethanol, and other organic solvents. These properties make it a popular additive for a variety of applications, including lubricants, resins, and a release agent for plastic molding powders.

Calcium stearate emulsion has a number of advantages over other emulsions, including better sandability, anti-settling performance, and yellowing resistance. In addition, the emulsion is also a suitable polishing agent for various textiles. Also, it helps to prevent hair loss during printing, especially in paper.

Another advantage of calcium stearate emulsion is its thermal denaturation resistance. This feature makes it a useful lubricant for metal materials, such as PVC. Other than being used in plastics, it is also a popular anti-caking agent for rubber processing. Moreover, it is also an effective release agent for thermosetting plastics.

Moreover, the emulsion has a low cost. The use of calcium stearate emulsion makes it possible to reduce material waste and eliminate dust contamination.

Besides, calcium stearate emulsion offers a smooth and ultra-fine feeling. Moreover, the emulsion also helps in preventing loss of powder during supercalendering.


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