Manganese Oxide Powder

Manganese Oxide Powder

2023-03-06 09:40:03  News

manganese oxide powder is used to colour and decolour glass, whiteware, enamels and pottery. It is also used as a component in battery cathode mixes and electronics.

It is a black-brown inorganic compound, derived from the mineral pyrolusite. It is an important pigment and is used for many ceramic products such as bricks, pavers and roof tiles.

Mn Oxides are a diverse group of metallo-oxide minerals that occur in a wide variety of geological settings, including soils and sediments. They have been used for centuries by ancient cultures as pigments and to clarify glass, and now find extensive industrial applications, particularly in the ferro manganese alloy refining industry.

They are the major component of marine and fresh-water nodules, concretions, crusts, dendrites, and coatings on other mineral particles and rock surfaces. They also participate in a range of chemical reactions that affect groundwater and bulk soil composition.

A very versatile inorganic pigment, MnO2 produces a variety of colours from blacks and browns to purples and blues. It has good firing stability in bricks and ceramics up to 1,280degC.

At African Pegmatite, we supply and mill a broad range of manganese oxide and other metal oxide-based pigments for the colouring of bricks, tiles and ceramics. We combine the latest technology with decades of experience to provide our customers with a colourant product of choice.

We stock manganese oxide powder in a -325 mesh powder size as well as granulations to 60 x 80 mesh. This is a cost effective, durable and high quality powder that can be easily used to colour clay based materials, resulting in beautiful natural shades of browns within the fabric of the material.


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