The Chemical Formula For Calcium Nitride

The Chemical Formula For Calcium Nitride

2022-12-26 04:20:04  News

Calcium nitride is a form of inorganic compound containing three atoms of calcium and two atoms of nitrogen. It is an important material for the production of high-end phosphors and is used in chemical treating agents. This solid is also a flammable substance, so it should be stored safely.

The chemical formula for calcium nitride is Ca(NO3)2. When combined with hydrogen, the nitride ion reacts to produce calcium hydride. Calcium hydride can be reduced by the action of metal oxides. To make calcium hydride, the nitride is heated at temperatures above 350 degC.

In addition to its use as a reducing agent, calcium hydride can also be used as a chemical analysis reagent. Calcium nitride can be produced in various isomorphous forms. These are: a-calcium nitride, b-calcium nitride, and c-calcium nitride.

Calcium nitride is soluble in dilute acids. It can be used as an alloying agent for other metals. In addition, it is used to produce complex nitrides. A-calcium nitride is the most common form, while b-calcium nitride and c-calcium nitride are less commonly used.

Calcium nitride is used as an nitride source in metathesis reactions. During this process, the nitride ion accepts three extra electrons. After the nitride is reduced, it decomposes to calcium hydroxide and ammonia. However, overexposure to calcium nitride may cause eye damage.

Calcium nitride is often used in the production of SiAlON-related optical materials. It is a primary raw material for high-end phosphors, which offer a better performance at higher temperatures.


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