The Main application Fields of Spherical Quartz Powder

The Main application Fields of Spherical Quartz Powder

2022-06-28 14:29:57  News

What is spherical quartz powder?

Spherical quartz powder has the advantages of smooth surface, large specific surface area, high hardness and stable chemical properties. First of all, the spherical powder has good fluidity, and is evenly stirred with the resin to form a film. The higher the filling amount of quartz powder, the lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller the thermal expansion coefficient of the molding compound, and the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of single crystal silicon, the better the performance of the electronic components produced. Secondly, the stress of spherical powder is only 60% of the stress of angular powder, and the molding compound made of spherical quartz powder has the smallest stress concentration and the highest strength. Finally, the spherical powder surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the wear on the mold is small, which can prolong the service life of the mold by more than 1 times.

Application fields of spherical quartz powder

The application field of spherical quartz powder is very wide, and its use as electronic packaging material is the largest market in its application field. Electronic packaging is the supporting industry of integrated circuits. With the development of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, integrated circuits are becoming more and more refined, and the requirements for packaging materials are getting higher and higher, and the packaging forms are continuously optimized and updated. The three main materials of electronic packaging are substrate material, plastic packaging material, lead frame and solder. Because of its low cost, simple process and suitable for mass production, plastic packaging has developed rapidly since its birth, and its share in packaging has become larger and larger. Currently, plastic packaging accounts for 95% of the integrated circuit market worldwide. %above. Among plastic encapsulants, epoxy encapsulant (EMC) is the mainstream of integrated circuit packaging at home and abroad, and more than 95% of microelectronic components are encapsulated by epoxy.

In microelectronic packaging, high moisture resistance, low stress, low alpha ray, resistance to dip soldering and reflow soldering, and good plastic sealing performance are mainly required after the integrated circuit is packaged. In response to this, the epoxy molding compound must be doped with inorganic fillers in the resin matrix. The inorganic fillers currently used are almost all quartz micropowder (silica micropowder). With the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits have higher and higher requirements for packaging materials. As an important support material for EMC, quartz powder not only requires its particle size to meet the specific range of packaging, but also requires its purity High and low content of radioactive elements, especially for particle shape, put forward spheroidization requirements.

Spherical silicon micropowder not only has good shape, but also has high chemical purity and low content of radioactive elements, which can meet various technical requirements of high-end integrated circuits. The rigidity, wear resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, compressive resistance, tensile resistance, moisture resistance and flame resistance of the earth-enhanced products make the products have good arc resistance insulation properties and UV radiation resistance, etc., and have become electronic packaging. Indispensable key material. In addition to being mainly used in the field of electronic packaging, spherical quartz powder can also be widely used in the manufacture of electronic inks, optical fibers, high-grade cosmetics, advanced precision ceramics, precision grinding of optical devices and electronic components, and as fillers for special paint coatings, etc.


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