What is Spherical Quartz Powder

What is Spherical Quartz Powder

2022-06-01 15:59:49  News

Spherical quartz powder, also known as spherical silica powder, refers to an amorphous quartz powder material whose particles are spherical in shape and whose main component is silicon dioxide.

Spherical quartz powder is mainly used for copper clad laminates and epoxy molding compound fillers in large-scale integrated circuit packaging, and also has applications in high-tech fields such as aerospace, fine chemicals and daily cosmetics.

Reasons for spheroidization of quartz powder

1. The surface area of the ball is the smallest, the isotropy is good, the film is evenly stirred with the resin, the amount of resin added is small, and the fluidity is the best, the filling amount of the powder can reach the highest, and the mass ratio can reach 90.5%. The increase in the filling rate of silica micropowder.

The higher the filling rate of silicon micropowder, the smaller the thermal expansion coefficient of the plastic sealing compound, the lower the thermal conductivity, the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of monocrystalline silicon, and the better the performance of the electronic components produced.

2. The molding compound made of spherical powder has the smallest stress concentration and the highest strength. When the stress concentration of the molding compound of the angular powder is 1, the stress of the spherical powder is only 0.6. Therefore, when the spherical powder molding compound encapsulates the integrated circuit chip, the yield High, and not easy to produce mechanical damage during transportation, installation, and use.

3. The friction coefficient of spherical powder is small, the wear on the mold is small, and the service life of the mold is long. Compared with the angular powder, the service life of the mold can be doubled. The price of the packaging mold of the plastic sealing compound is very high, and some need to be imported, which is also very important for the packaging factory to reduce the cost and improve the economic benefit.

4. Silicon micropowder itself has the function of strengthening epoxy resin, and spherical powder can enhance this function.


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