Application of Zinc Stearate Emulsion

Application of Zinc Stearate Emulsion

2024-02-20 16:16:25  Blog

Zinc stearate emulsion is a white or yellowish amorphous powder formed by the reaction of stearic acid and zinc salt, with good dispersion and stability. The lotion forms a colloidal dispersion system in an aqueous solution and has excellent lubricity, antistatic property, antirust property, thickening property, emulsification, etc.

Zinc stearate is a white powder insoluble in water and hot organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, toluene, and turpentine. When encountering acid, it decomposes into stearic acid and corresponding salts. Under dry conditions, it has a fire hazard and a spontaneous ignition point of 900 ℃; Has hygroscopicity. The water-based lotion of zinc stearate is called water-based zinc stearate.


Application fields and roles of zinc stearate:

1. It mainly applies to water-based alkyd, water-soluble polyurethane, water-soluble acrylic acid, acrylic acid lotion and other systems. It is an excellent transparent putty filler, easy to polish, and has a sedimentation effect.

2. Waterborne coating: Used for high-quality water-based coatings, it has good transparency, fast defoaming, stability, good anti-sinking, fast drying, easy dispersion, easy abrasion, improves the hydrophobicity of the coating surface, and outstanding performance in improving the texture of the paint film.

3. Waterborne ink: It has a good economy, filling, stability, sinking, and waterproof properties and can be used as a leveling agent.

4. Textile products: it can be used as a polishing agent to improve surface hydrophobicity.

5. Makeup products: can be used as a lubricant to improve surface smoothness.

6. Paper industry: can be used as a waterproof and anti-adhesive agent, used for surface waterproof coatings on a specific paper, thermosensitive copperplate paper, self-adhesive paper, etc., with good lubrication and stability effects.

7. Sandpaper polishing: This can be used as a grinding aid to improve surface polishing, wear resistance, and waterproofing.


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