Ca3N2 Full Name and Chemical Formula

Ca3N2 Full Name and Chemical Formula

2023-03-13 07:20:03  Blog

The full name of Ca3N2 is calcium nitride, and its chemical formula is Ca3N2. It has a reddish-brown crystalline solid. It is a highly reactive reagent, and it can be used to obtain nitride ions from other compounds.

It is a reducing agent, desiccant, and chemical analysis reagent. It is also a flammable solid that can be dangerous when exposed to sparks, heat, or open flames.

It is made by heating distilled fibrous metallic calcium to 450 degrees in a purified nitrogen stream. After 3 to 4 hours, the calcium nitride is obtained.

It can be reduced with zirconium, niobium, hafnium, and other metal oxides to form a corresponding powder. It is a common reducing agent and is a widely used powder metallurgy reagent.

This nitride is formed by combining two electrons from the outermost orbit of the calcium atom with three extra electrons from the nitrogen atom. The resulting nitride ion is called N3-.

It can be produced by heating calcium nitride with hydrogen at temperatures above 350 degC. It is a corrosive and toxic substance, and repeated contact or overexposure can lead to eye damage and skin burns. It can also react with water to form calcium hydroxide and ammonia. It is a good reagent for research, and it is also useful in the chemical industry. It can be ordered in bulk and shipped as ordinary cargo. is a professional supplier of calcium nitride, and we can offer you the best price for high-quality products.


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