• In chemistry, Green Nickel Oxide usually refers to nickel oxide (NiO), which is a divalent nickel oxide in a green powder form. This compound has a wide range of applications in life, including in the ceramic and glass industries for the manufacture of semiconductor films, as a c...……
    May 15
  • manganese oxide powder is a fine black to brown inorganic compound which occurs naturally as the mineral pyrolusite. It is a pigment for glass-making and also used as an additive in dry cell batteries……
    Apr 07
  • manganese oxide powder is an inorganic material that has a wide range of industrial applications. It is used in dry cell batteries, matches, fireworks, ceramics, glass-bonding materials and amethyst g……
    Mar 31
  • manganese oxide powder is used to colour and decolour glass, whiteware, enamels and pottery. It is also used as a component in battery cathode mixes and electronics.It is a black-brown inorganic compo……
    Mar 06
  • Glass microspheres are hollow, closed, spherical, powder-shaped, ultra-light-filling material.……
    Feb 24
  • Generally speaking, tungsten carbide is a great material to use in the creation of light bulb filaments, glass to metal seals……
    Nov 29
  • High-performance hollow glass microspheres are hollow spherical powder-like ultra-light inorganic non-metallic materials with light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength and good mobility.……
    Jul 19
  • The water glass commonly used in construction is the aqueous solution of sodium silicate (Na2O·nSiO2).……
    Jul 15
  • Hollow glass sphere is widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products, syntactic foam, artificial marble, compound wood, sound insulation heat preservation material, atomic ash...……
    Jun 27
  • Hollow glass microsphere is a kind of specially processed glass microsphere. Its main characteristics are smaller density than glass microsphere and worse thermal conductivity.……
    Jun 24
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