Applications of Manganese Oxide Powder

Applications of Manganese Oxide Powder

2022-12-11 00:20:03  News

Various manganese oxide powders are used in various applications. Some of the applications include atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition, welding rod fluxes, bleaching agents, and alkaline batters. These powders are also used in zinc-carbon batteries. Moreover, they are considered as catalysts for water oxidation catalysis.

The main mineral ore for the production of manganese oxide is pyrolusite. However, this mineral can be mixed with other minerals like ramsdellite and groutite. The crystal structures of these minerals are similar to each other.

Mn oxides are classified into two main groups. The first group is composed of tunnel Mn oxides, which are constructed of MnO6 octahedra. These are assembled by sharing corners and edges. The second group is characterized by a hollandite-type structure, which has eight formula units in one unit cell. These oxides are commonly called phyllomanganates. The oxidation states of these oxides are higher than those of bare glassy carbon.

Manganese oxides have a wide range of oxidation states, which can influence their activity. These compounds have been investigated as magnetic data storage media. This research has also investigated their potential use as electrocatalysts for OER. Several compounds have been identified in this field, and some of them are used in the cathode of solid oxide fuel cells.

In a study, the valance and stability of different manganese oxide powders were investigated. In addition, they were compared for their oxidation state and OER activity. These properties were determined by thermal treatment in air and ex situ-XRD analysis.


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