Chromium Carbide Powder Processes

Chromium Carbide Powder Processes

2023-04-07 07:50:03  News

chromium carbide powders are used for a variety of applications in the industrial manufacturing industry. These powders are extremely hard, provide a low coefficient of friction surface finish, and offer excellent oxidation/corrosion resistance.

Various metallurgical processes can be used to produce chromium carbide powders into components, such as casting, sintering, and heat treating. These processes can be done in a single step or multiple steps.

Thermal Spray Process (HVOF)

In a thermal spray process, the chromium carbide powders are heated in a high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) environment and sprayed on a substrate surface to form a hardface coating. This process is used to create parts and coatings that require greater corrosion and wear resistance.

Gamma Ray Irradiation

The gamma ray irradiation of chromium carbide powders can promote the growth of carbide grains. Compared with the crystalline samples before mechanical alloying, the Cr3C2 and Cr7C3 particles were much larger in size after the irradiation.

These results indicate that gamma irradiation of chromium powders can promote the formation of carbide grains and provide better wear performance. Consequently, the application of this powder in bearings or seals is likely to be advantageous.

Chemical Reactions

The synthesis of chromium carbide powder can be performed using an intimate mixture of carbon and chromium. This process is typically carried out at temperatures between lOO0 to 1500 C. This can be achieved by melting the mixture or a solid state reaction.


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