3D Printing Inconel 718-2

3D Printing Inconel 718-2

2022-12-08 14:12:33  News

Traditionally, manufacturing methods for metals such as Inconel 718 are based on machining and annealing. However, metallurgists are beginning to turn to metal AM technologies. These new manufacturing processes allow for parts to be created without compromising quality.

The process of 3D printing Inconel 718 can be used to produce parts that are both functional and cost effective. Inconel has a combination of properties that make it ideal for 3D printing airframe parts. For instance, Inconel's high strength and thermal fatigue resistance make it ideal for use in energy, defense, and aerospace applications.

The strength of Inconel allows for lightweight components. In addition to its high strength, it also has excellent corrosion resistance. Although Inconel is difficult to machine, it can be 3D printed.

Inconel 718 is available from many manufacturers around the world. However, it requires additional safety precautions for storage. It must be stored in a controlled atmosphere and the powder must have a stable granulometric composition. If stored incorrectly, the powder will corrode.

The Inconel 718 research team at Northwestern University is focusing on the development of new tools for enhancing the mechanical properties of the alloy. Their research was recently published in the Procedia Manufacturing journal.

The team uses 5-axis hybrid machining and 3D printing tools to create thin walls of gas-atomized Inconel 718. The team then applies various post-manufacturing treatments to reduce oxidation and microstructural defects. This will enable the alloy to be 3D printed with mechanical properties closer to conventional manufacturing methods.


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