3D Printing Inconel 718

3D Printing Inconel 718

2022-12-08 11:20:29  News

Using 3D printing technology, you can build parts that are lighter, less wasteful, and more energy-efficient than traditional methods. As a result, you can create fuel savings and increase your supply chain efficiency. Inconel 718 is one of the materials you can use to build your next 3D-printed part.

This nickel-chromium superalloy has a combination of properties that make it ideal for many applications. The alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. It is often used in aerospace and defense applications. The alloy also has excellent welding characteristics. The alloy is also able to withstand cryogenic temperatures.

The alloy is also known for its age-hardening properties. This allows for increased strength and tensile strength. Because the alloy is able to be welded, it can be used to make complex parts. This makes it a great choice for heat exchange systems.

Inconel 718 is available from several manufacturers worldwide. Some of these companies sell powder and others make pellets. The powder must meet certain requirements, including a stable granulometric composition and safety precautions for storage and transportation.

Using additive manufacturing technology to print Inconel 718 ensures that the mechanical properties of the alloy are preserved. This allows for a part to be shaped and welded after the printing process. The alloy also has great creep-rupture properties at higher temperatures. The strength of the printed part is comparable to that of a cast part. The part is also less brittle and can be polished after printing.


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