Calcium Nitride - Chemical Name Ca3N2

Calcium Nitride - Chemical Name Ca3N2

2023-03-09 23:10:03  News

Calcium nitride is an inorganic compound, with the chemical name Ca3N2, that is composed of calcium and nitrogen in a 3:2 ratio. It is a white, odorless powder with a melting point of 1,721degC and a boiling point of 2,450degC. It has a wide range of applications, from chemical synthesis to scientific research.

A-calcium nitride is the most common form of this material. It is formed along with the oxide, CaO, when calcium burns in the air. The synthesis of this compound is known as the Henri de Moissan method, and it has been used since 1898.

The crystalline structure of Ca3N2 is hexagonal. It has a density of 2.63, which is higher than that of boron nitride.

It is stable at room temperature but will explode in the presence of shock or friction. This is an unusual phenomenon for nitride crystals.

The molecule is polar because it has a permanent dipole-moment between the electropositive Ca and the electronegative N. This is because the electronegativity of the two atoms is more than 0.4D.

This is because the shape of the molecule is bent, and there is no way to cancel out the dipole-moment. The molecule also has an asymmetric structure that makes it very difficult to sp2 bond with the N- atom.

Besides, the molecule has some ionic character. This is because the N- atom has an extra electron that makes it a larger ion, and it can polarize the Ca2+ ion.


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