Processing Method and Application of Zirconia Ceramics

Processing Method and Application of Zirconia Ceramics

2022-10-12 17:31:33  News

What are the properties of zirconia ceramics?

Zirconia ceramics, zirconia ceramics, with high melting point and boiling point, high hardness, room temperature insulation, high temperature conductivity and other excellent properties.


Processing method and application of zirconia ceramics

The size and surface accuracy of zirconia ceramics are required to be very high, but due to the high sintering shrinkage, the size accuracy of sintered ceramics cannot be guaranteed, and they need to be processed after sintering. The follow-up processing of zirconia ceramic products has also become an indispensable and important work link in the information technology of special ceramic manufacturing. The processing of zirconia ceramics is carried out in the form of micro deformation accumulation or material removal at the processing point. The processing principle will be different when the relationship between the processing amount and the heterogeneity of the processed material, the internal defects of the material or the defects caused by the processing is different. The processing technology of zirconia ceramics is based on the performance design requirements of enterprise products. Different production processes have many different methods.


In fact, the production of zirconia ceramics requires the preparation of high-purity powders with good dispersion and narrow particle size distribution. The purification methods of zirconia mainly include chlorination thermal decomposition method, alkali metal oxidation decomposition method, lime melting method, plasma arc method, precipitation method, colloid method, hydrolysis method, spray pyrolysis method, etc. In the field of structural ceramics, zirconia thermal insulation ceramics are widely used for their high toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties and thermal expansion coefficient similar to steel.




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