Calcium Nitride - Chemical Formula Ca3N2

Calcium Nitride - Chemical Formula Ca3N2

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Calcium nitride (Ca3N2) is a reddish-brown powder with the appearance of a crystalline solid. It has the chemical formula Ca3N2 and is used in the production of light-emitting diode (LED) phosphors.


The nitride ion has two valences, a +2 and a -3. When 3 calcium ions combine with 2 nitride ions, the compound is called Ca3N2. The nitrogen ion has no valency but does have a negative charge that is balanced by the positive charge on the calcium ion.

Storage & Transportation

Ca3N2 powder should be stored in a dry, cool and sealed environment, and not exposed to air. It should also be protected from heavy pressure and transported as ordinary cargo.

Uses / Applications

Ca3N2 is a nitride source that can be used to produce complex nitrides. It is also a good reducing agent and a desiccant. It can be reduced with metal oxides such as zirconium and niobium to produce corresponding metal powders.

Application / Performance

Calcium nitride is widely used as a nitride source for metathesis reactions in the production of complex nitrides and SiAlON-related optical materials. It can be used to prepare a variety of high-purity targets, functional ceramics, and structural devices.

Price / Market Supply and Demand

The price of Ca3N2 powder is determined by production costs, transportation costs, international conditions, and market supply and demand. It may range from 80 to $260 or even higher based on market conditions.

This product is produced by reacting monolithic calcium in a nitrogen stream. The fine fibrous calcium metal is purified by distillation and placed in a nickel boat. It is then heated in pure N2 gas flow at 450 degC for about 34h. At this temperature, the metal calcium undergoes crystal transformation (hexagonal crystal Ca-body-centered cubic Ca), which loosens the metal lattice structure and allows the nitriding reaction to take place quickly.


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