What is the difference between tungsten carbide powder and tungsten powder

What is the difference between tungsten carbide powder and tungsten powder

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What is Tungsten carbide powder? tungsten carbide powder has been called WolframCarbide. It is a black hexagonal crystalline with metallic lustre. Its hardness is comparable to that of diamonds. This material is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. The melting point for tungsten carbide is 2870. Its boiling point at 6000 is 5600. And its relative density of 15.63(18). Tungsten carbide can't be dissolve in water or in hydrochloric Acid and in sulfuric Acid, but it is soluble and soluble in mixed acids of nitric Acid and hydrofluoric Acid.

Tungsten carbide powder is dark gray and can be disintegrated in many carbides, including titanium carbide. This forms TiC-WC solid melting.

Tungsten carbide powder can be used in a variety of applications
Tungsten carbide has excellent catalytic capabilities and is an important component of catalysis. Tungsten carbide's catalytic capabilities can also be improved by using a combination of new, structured carbon material and the tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is widely used in hydrogenation. For example, it converts certain oxygenates to unsaturated hydrogencarbons. Tungsten carbide's catalytic activity was higher in the experiment of hydrogenation by ethylene at 273K. Paraffin hydrogenation reactions using tungsten carbide as catalysts shows that the conversion rate, selectivity, and stability of tungsten carbonide is high. Also, it can withstand sulfur-containing impurities in hydroisomerized materials. Carbon tungsten carbide catalyst plays a role in the catalytic hydrolysis of toluene. The surface of tungsten has higher active sites that absorb hydrogen atoms. Thus, it has lower activation energy and a greater selectivity.
Production method for tungsten caride powder
1. You will need to dry mix tungsten with carbon and metal tungsten as the raw materials. After combining the powder, you can add carbon black in equal quantities with a ball mill. Once it is fully mixed, shape it into graphite plates. Next, heat up to 1400 1700 in either a graphite resistance or induction furnace. Preferably, at 1550-1650. W2C was first produced in hydrogen flow. It then continued to react at high temperature to create WC. The first is tungstenhexacarbonyl [W CO 6] which is heated at 650-1100 in CO atmosphere to get tungsten and then reacts at 1150 with carbon monoxide to generate WC. W2C is possible when the temperature exceeds this point.
2. Hydrogenated tungsten trioxide (WO3) was then reduced to make tungsten powder. It has an average particle size of 3 5 millimeters. Next, the mixture of tungsten and carbon black is dried mixed for around 10 hours in a ball mill. Then it's pressed and formed under 1t/cm2. To make WC, place the pressed briquette in a graphite crucible or plate. Due to W2C being formed during the initial phase of the reaction, it was around tungsten. Intermediate W2C (mainly low-reaction temperature) remained alongside WC. The temperature must reach the maximum. According to the size of rawtungsten, it should reach its maximum temperature. A reaction at high temperatures between 1550-1650 is possible for coarse particles, which have an average size of 150 m.m.

Tungsten carbide powder price
Tungsten powder's purity and particle size can affect its price. Also, the volume of the order may affect its cost. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On the company website, you can see how much Tungsten carbide powder costs.

Tungsten carbide powder supplier
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