What is the use of hafnium hydride powder

What is the use of hafnium hydride powder

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What is Hafnium hydroide? Hafnium hydroide HfH2 is a gray-black hydride. Hydride can be defined as hydrogen at a higher temperature than 300 C. It is produced when hafnium exceeds 700 C. The gray-black powder of hafnium hydride (chemical formula HfH2) is used primarily in aerospace and the atomic energy industries.

Hafnium-hydride powder uses
It is used primarily to produce control rods for nuclear reactors. The atomic energy sector is dependent on pure hafnium because it has the following properties: plasticity, ease of processing, resistance to high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and easy-to-process. Hafnium can be used in atomic reactors as protection devices and control rods. It is a great neutron absorber, with an excellent thermal neutron capture section. Hafnium can also be used to propel a rocket. In the electrical sector, you can make the cathode for an Xray tube. A hafnium alloy is suitable for use as the protective front layer on rocket nozzles and gliding-reentry aircrafts. Hfta alloy can also used in making tool steel and resistant materials. Hafnium has been used to make heat-resistant alloys like tungsten and molybdenum. HfC can also be used to make cemented carbide, due to its high hardness. This compound is also known to have the highest melting point at 4215.
Hafnium Hydroide HfH2 is an atomic reactor that can produce small and large volumes of rocket propellers. For use in the torch, trust, or combustion loading of fireworks, HfH2 can be mixed with an oxide. In powder metallurgy, HfH2 can also be used to make an alloy.
Hafnium-hydride powder price
Hafnium Hydride Powder price will depend on the particle size and purity. The purchase volume may also have an impact on the cost. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the price for Hafnium-hydride powder.
Powder supplier of Hafnium Hydride
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