Why tantalum carbide is a super high-temperature resistant ceramic

Why tantalum carbide is a super high-temperature resistant ceramic

2023-02-15 00:10:13  News

Is tantalum carbide what you think? Tantalum-carbid, black/dark brown metallic powder in cubic crystals, is hard with a relative density of 13.9, an melting point at 3880 and a boiling temperature of 5500. It is a mix of 75% tantalum carbide and 25% hafnium carbonide. The melting point for this mixture is more than 4200. It is extremely stable in chemical terms. It is not easily dissolved in water. Tantalum pentachloride is used to heat the material with silicon carbide resistance. It's used in the manufacture of cutting tools. Tantalum carbonide (TaC), a member the ultra-high temperatures resistant ceramic family has a high melt point (3880), high toughness (20GPa), high flexibility (450GPa), good conductivity, thermal conductivity (25, 42.1m O* cm-1, 22W*m-1 *K-1), chemical resistance (25, 42.1mO * cm-1), excellent thermal shock resistance and many other outstanding physical and chemical properties.

Use of tantalum carbide
Tantalum carbide can be used widely in tools steel, wear-resistant components, conductive films and optical coatings. You can prepare single-crystal aluminum nitride using Tantalum Carbide Crucibles.

Prepare tantalum carbide
Tantalum pentoxide can be used as a raw material. In a reduction oven, combine tantalum pentoxide fully with carbon black. You can reduce the mixture in hydrogen, or at 1500 under vacuum to make tantalum carbide powder. For a more thorough reduction of the inert gases, heat them up to 1900 in an inert gaz and then carbonize under vacuum to make tantalum carbide. You can also reduce tantalum peroxide with aluminium in a graphite oven. Heat the solution to 2000°C. Add pure graphite block. After the aluminum carbide is formed, cooling is used. Finally, inorganic acid is added. To make finer particles of tantalum carbide, it can be carbonized directly with carbon black or metal tantalum.

Prices for tantalum carbide
Price of Tantalum Carbide will be affected by the size and purity of the particles. The purchase volume may also have an effect on cost. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the price for tantalum-carbide.

Tantalum carbide supplier
Rboschco Technology Co. Ltd. Luoyang City (Rboschco), China is a trustworthy and quality global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. They have more than 12 years experience producing high quality chemical materials and nanotechnology products. These include tantalum carbide, nitride and graphite powders, as well sulfide and sulfide powders. Feel free to inquire if you need high-quality, cost-effective tantalum caride.


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