The Application of Manganese Dioxide in Batteries

The Application of Manganese Dioxide in Batteries

2023-12-27 14:07:03  Blog

Manganese dioxide is a common inorganic compound with multiple uses. Manganese dioxide is widely used in the chemical industry to prepare various manganese salts, catalysts, batteries, and other electronic chemicals.

1. Preparation

Manganese dioxide can be prepared through various methods, among which the most common is the chemical reaction method. This method uses manganese salts as raw materials and generates manganese dioxide through oxidation or electrolysis reactions. The specific preparation process is as follows:

Weigh a certain amount of manganese salt solution, such as manganese sulfate or manganese chloride;

Add an appropriate amount of oxidant, such as nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, or potassium permanganate, to the solution;

React at a certain temperature and pressure to generate manganese dioxide precipitate;

Filter, wash, and dry the residue;


High-temperature calcination of manganese dioxide is carried out to obtain high-purity manganese dioxide.

2. Property

Physical properties: Manganese dioxide is a black solid powder with a face-centered cubic crystal structure. Under standard conditions, the density is 5.02g/cm ³。

Chemical properties: Manganese dioxide has high oxidizing and reducing properties. Under acidic conditions, manganese dioxide can react with hydrogen ions to generate manganese ions and water. Under alkaline conditions, manganese dioxide can react with hydroxide ions to produce manganese hydroxide and water. In addition, manganese dioxide can also react with some reducing substances, such as hydrogen gas, carbon monoxide, etc.

3. Application

Manganese dioxide is widely used in multiple fields as to its unique physical and chemical properties. The following are its main application areas:

Battery material: Manganese dioxide is widely used as a battery material due to its excellent electrochemical performance. In dry batteries, manganese dioxide can generate stable voltage and current when used together with carbon rods as a positive electrode material. In addition, manganese dioxide is also used to prepare positive electrode materials for rechargeable batteries, such as lithium manganese dioxide in lithium-ion batteries.


Catalyst: Manganese dioxide can catalyze various reactions, such as the oxidation of alcohols, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide. Manganese dioxide catalysts have the advantages of high activity, good stability, and low cost and are, therefore, widely used in industry.

Pigments and coatings: Manganese dioxide can be made into black pigments and coatings, widely used in fields such as architecture, furniture, and automobiles. Various colors and textures can be prepared to meet different needs when mixed with other pigments.

Other fields: Besides the abovementioned application, manganese dioxide can prepare magnetic materials, electronic components, etc. With the continuous development of technology, its application prospects will be even broader.


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